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class Context

ContextRcPtr createEditableCopy() const
const char *getCacheID() const
void setSearchPath(const char *path)
const char *getSearchPath() const
int getNumSearchPaths() const
const char *getSearchPath(int index) const
void clearSearchPaths()
void addSearchPath(const char *path)
void setWorkingDir(const char *dirname)
const char *getWorkingDir() const
void setStringVar(const char *name, const char *value)
const char *getStringVar(const char *name) const
int getNumStringVars() const
const char *getStringVarNameByIndex(int index) const
void clearStringVars()
void setEnvironmentMode(EnvironmentMode mode)
EnvironmentMode getEnvironmentMode() const
void loadEnvironment()

Seed all string vars with the current environment.

const char *resolveStringVar(const char *val) const

Do a string lookup. Do a file lookup.

Evaluate the specified variable (as needed). Will not throw exceptions.

const char *resolveFileLocation(const char *filename) const

Do a file lookup. Do a file lookup.

Evaluate all variables (as needed). Also, walk the full search path until the file is found. If the filename cannot be found, an exception will be thrown.


-[ Public Static Functions ]-

ContextRcPtr Create()
class PyOpenColorIO.Context
class SearchPathIterator
class StringVarIterator
class StringVarNameIterator
addSearchPath(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, path: str) → None
clearSearchPaths(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → None
clearStringVars(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → None
getCacheID(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → str
getEnvironmentMode(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context)PyOpenColorIO.EnvironmentMode
getSearchPath(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → str
getSearchPaths(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::PyIterator<std::shared_ptr<OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::Context>, 2>
getStringVars(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::PyIterator<std::shared_ptr<OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::Context>, 1>
getWorkingDir(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → str
loadEnvironment(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context) → None
resolveFileLocation(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, fileName: str) → str
resolveStringVar(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, value: str) → str
setEnvironmentMode(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, mode: PyOpenColorIO.EnvironmentMode) → None
setSearchPath(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, path: str) → None
setWorkingDir(self: PyOpenColorIO.Context, dirName: str) → None