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class CPUProcessor

bool isNoOp() const

The in and out bit-depths must be equal for isNoOp to be true.

bool isIdentity() const

Equivalent to isNoOp from the underlying Processor, i.e., it ignores in/out bit-depth differences.

bool hasChannelCrosstalk() const
const char *getCacheID() const
BitDepth getInputBitDepth() const

Bit-depth of the input pixel buffer.

BitDepth getOutputBitDepth() const

Bit-depth of the output pixel buffer.

DynamicPropertyRcPtr getDynamicProperty(DynamicPropertyType type)


void apply(ImageDesc &imgDesc) const

Apply to an image with any kind of channel ordering while respecting the input and output bit-depths.

void apply(const ImageDesc &srcImgDesc, ImageDesc &dstImgDesc)


void applyRGB(float *pixel) const

Apply to a single pixel respecting that the input and output bit-depths be 32-bit float and the image buffer be packed RGB/RGBA.

Note This is not as efficient as applying to an entire image at once. If you are processing multiple pixels, and have the flexibility, use the above function instead.

void applyRGBA(float *pixel) const
class PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor
apply(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. apply(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, imgDesc: OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::PyImageDesc) → None
  2. apply(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, srcImgDesc: OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::PyImageDesc, dstImgDesc: OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::PyImageDesc) → None
applyRGB(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. applyRGB(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, pixel: buffer) buffer
  2. applyRGB(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, pix List[float]) → List[float]
applyRGBA(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. applyRGBA(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, pixel: buffer) → buffer
  2. applyRGBA(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, pixel: List[float]) → List[float]
getCacheID(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor) → str
getDynamicProperty(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor, type: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicPropertyType) → `PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty`_
getInputBitDepth(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor)PyOpenColorIO.BitDepth
getOutputBitDepth(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor)PyOpenColorIO.BitDepth
hasChannelCrosstalk(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor) → bool
isIdentity(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor) → bool
isNoOp(self: PyOpenColorIO.CPUProcessor) → bool