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class DynamicProperty

Allows transform parameter values to be set on-the-fly (after finalization). For example, to modify the exposure in a viewport.

DynamicPropertyType getType() const = 0
DynamicPropertyValueType getValueType() const = 0
double getDoubleValue() const = 0
void setValue(double value) = 0
bool isDynamic() const = 0
DynamicProperty &operator=(const DynamicProperty&) = delete
class PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty
getDoubleValue(self: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty) → float
getType(self: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty)PyOpenColorIO.DynamicPropertyType
getValueType(self: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty) → PyOpenColorIO.DynamicPropertyValueType
isDynamic(self: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty) → bool
setValue(self: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty, value: float) → None