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class GPUProcessor

bool isNoOp() const
bool hasChannelCrosstalk() const
const char *getCacheID() const
DynamicPropertyRcPtr getDynamicProperty(DynamicPropertyType type) const

The returned pointer may be used to set the value of any dynamic properties of the requested type. Throws if the requested property is not found. Note that if the processor contains several ops that support the requested property, only ones for which dynamic has been enabled will be controlled.

Note The dynamic properties in this object are decoupled from the ones in the :cpp:class:Processor it was generated from.

void extractGpuShaderInfo(GpuShaderDescRcPtr &shaderDesc) const

Extract & Store the shader information to implement the color processing.

void extractGpuShaderInfo(GpuShaderCreatorRcPtr &shaderCreator) const

Extract the shader information using a custom GpuShaderCreator class.

class PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor
extractGpuShaderInfo(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. extractGpuShaderInfo(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor, shaderDesc: OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::GpuShaderDesc) → None
  2. extractGpuShaderInfo(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor, shaderCreator: OpenColorIO_v2_0dev::GpuShaderCreator) → None
getCacheID(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor) → str
getDynamicProperty(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor, type: PyOpenColorIO.DynamicPropertyType) → `PyOpenColorIO.DynamicProperty`_
hasChannelCrosstalk(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor) → bool
isNoOp(self: PyOpenColorIO.GPUProcessor) → bool