Named Transform

class PyOpenColorIO.NamedTransform


A NamedTransform provides a way for config authors to include a set of color transforms that are independent of the color space being processed. For example a “utility curve” transform where there is no need to convert to or from a reference space.

class NamedTransformAliasIterator
NamedTransformAliasIterator(*args, **kwargs)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

NamedTransformAliasIterator(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: PyOpenColorIO.NamedTransform) -> None

  2. __init__(self: PyOpenColorIO.NamedTransform, name: str = ‘’, aliases: List[str] = [], family: str = ‘’, description: str = ‘’, forwardTransform: PyOpenColorIO.Transform = None, inverseTransform: PyOpenColorIO.Transform = None, categories: List[str] = []) -> None

addAlias(alias: str) → None

Nothing is done if alias is NULL or empty, if it is already there, or if it is already the named transform name.

addCategory(category: str) → None
clearAliases() → None
clearCategories() → None
getDescription() → str
getEncoding() → str

A NamedTransform is not a color space and does not have an encoding in the same sense. However, it may be useful to associate a color space encoding that the transform is intended to be used with, for organizational purposes.

getFamily() → str
getName() → str
getTransform(direction: PyOpenColorIO.TransformDirection)PyOpenColorIO.Transform
hasCategory(category: str) → bool
removeAlias(alias: str) → None

Does nothing if alias is not present.

removeCategory(category: str) → None
setDescription(description: str) → None
setEncoding(encodig: str) → None
setFamily(family: str) → None
setName(name: str) → None
setTransform(transform: PyOpenColorIO.Transform, direction: PyOpenColorIO.TransformDirection) → None
class PyOpenColorIO.NamedTransform.NamedTransformCategoryIterator
self[arg0: int] → str
len(self) → int
next(self) → str