class PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform

A :ref:`ViewTransform` provides a conversion from the main (usually scene-referred) reference space to the display-referred reference space. This allows splitting the conversion from the main reference space to a display into two parts: the ViewTransform plus a display color space.

It is also possible to provide a ViewTransform that converts from the display-referred reference space back to that space. This is useful in cases when a ViewTransform is needed when converting between displays (such as HDR to SDR).

The ReferenceSpaceType indicates whether the ViewTransform converts from scene-to-display reference or display-to-display reference.

The from_reference transform direction is the one that is used when going out towards a display.

ViewTransform(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform, referenceSpace: PyOpenColorIO.ReferenceSpaceType) -> None

  2. __init__(self: PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform, referenceSpace: PyOpenColorIO.ReferenceSpaceType = <ReferenceSpaceType.REFERENCE_SPACE_SCENE: 0>, name: str = ‘’, family: str = ‘’, description: str = ‘’, toReference: PyOpenColorIO.Transform = None, fromReference: PyOpenColorIO.Transform = None, categories: List[str] = []) -> None

addCategory(category: str) None
clearCategories() None
getCategories() PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform.ViewTransformCategoryIterator
getDescription() str
getFamily() str
getName() str
getReferenceSpaceType() PyOpenColorIO.ReferenceSpaceType
getTransform(direction: PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransformDirection) PyOpenColorIO.Transform

If a transform in the specified direction has been specified, return it. Otherwise return a null ConstTransformRcPtr

hasCategory(category: str) bool
removeCategory(category: str) None
setDescription(description: str) None
setFamily(family: str) None
setName(name: str) None
setTransform(transform: PyOpenColorIO.Transform, direction: PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransformDirection) None

Specify the transform for the appropriate direction. Setting the transform to null will clear it.

class PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform.ViewTransformCategoryIterator
self[arg0: int] str
iter(self) PyOpenColorIO.ViewTransform.ViewTransformCategoryIterator
len(self) int
next(self) str