Quick Start for Config Authors

As a config author, you’ll want access to the OCIO command-line tools such as ociocheck. Please see the Installation instructions for the various options, for example Homebrew on macOS and Vcpkg on Windows. On Linux you may need to build from source.

Grab the available configuration files (and the sample images, if you want) from Downloads so you’ll have some examples to study.

Try using the command-line tool ociochecklut to send an RGB through a file in the “luts” sub-directory of one of the configs you downloaded. Try using the ocioconvert tool to process an image from one color space to another. Try using ociodisplay to view an image through a color space conversion.

Look through the Overview to get a sense of the big picture.

Study the descriptions in the Configurations section of the example configs.

Check out Releases for an overview of the new features in OCIO v2.