Quick Start for Contributors

First decide how you want to contribute to OCIO. We’re looking for help with testing, example configs, and documentation as well as actual coding.

  • If you want to write code, start by looking at the Quick Start for Developers and join the #dev channel on Slack. Take a look on GitHub at the issues with the good first issue label.

  • If you want to help develop config files, start by looking at Quick Start for Config Authors and join the #configs channel on Slack. From there, you may want to join the OCIO Configs working group.

  • If you want to help with documentation, join the #docs and #ux channel on Slack.

  • If you want to help test, join the #general channel on Slack and let us know you want to help test.

The Contributing guide has a ton of useful information about most aspects of contributing to OCIO.

Check out Releases for an overview of the new features in OCIO v2.